Building SQL Strings Dynamically, in 2011

I saw a recent post Avoid Smart Logic for Conditional WHERE Clauses which actually recommended, “the best solution is to build the SQL statement dynamically—only with the required filters and bind parameters”. Ordinarily I appreciate that author’s posts, but this time I think that he let confusion run amok, as can be seen in a thread on reddit.

To dispel that confusion: parameterized queries don’t have any plausible downsides; always use them in applications. Saved plans have trade-offs; use them sometimes, and only if you understand the trade-offs.

When query parameters are conflated with saved plans, it’s creates FUD about SQL systems because it mixes the fear around SQL injection with the mysticism around the SQL optimizer. Such confusion about the layers of a SQL system are a big part of the reason that some developers move to the deceptive simplicity of NoSQL systems (I say “deceptive” here because it often just moves an even greater complexity into the application — but that’s another topic).

The confusion started with this query from the original article:

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